Get help

If you need a little help, have a look at the map and contact your nearest Good Neighbours group.
If you have difficulty contacting them, get in touch with the Good Neighbours Hub.

Good Neighbours is not an emergency service. If you are in immediate danger, dial 999 and ask for the police or ambulance.

What can we do for you?

Each Good Neighbours group is different and offers a different range of services. Some specialise only in hospital transport or befriending. Others offer additional services, such as gardening and DIY.

Here is a list of all services offered across the Good Neighbours Network.

  • Befriending
    Befriending means that someone comes to visit regularly, or telephones regularly.
  • Gardening
    Some of our groups offer this service, helping to tidy up and keep your garden looking nice.
  • Odd jobs and DIY
    A few groups have volunteers who can come and offer to help with odd jobs around the house and minor DIY projects such as hanging a picture.
  • Hospital and GP transport
    If you need a lift to the hospital, or to see your doctor or dentist, many of our groups specialise in this and can help. Someone will pick you up in good time, take you to your appointment and come in with you.  All our groups have free parking permits for the hospital car parks.
  • Social transport
    A lift to the cafe, or to the shops, or to visit a friend.  If you have trouble getting out of the house, this will be a big help for you.
  • Lunch club
    Get out of the house, meet like-minded people, and enjoy a good meal at our popular Lunch Clubs.
  • Prescription collection
    If you need medicine, and find it hard to get to the chemist’s to collect your prescription, one of our volunteers will be delighted to collect it for you.
  • Sitting service
    A volunteer can come and sit with you while your carer has a well-earned break.
  • Shopping
    It can be difficult to get out of the house if you are unwell, or are looking after someone who is unwell.  A volunteer will be happy to do your shopping for you and deliver it to your home.
  • Minibus
  • General support at times of illness
    We all need a little extra help when we are unwell.  Call upon our volunteers who will be happy to help out in any way they can.
  • Dog walking
    Your dog is your faithful companion, but he needs his exercise!  One of our volunteers will be happy to take him out for his walk.
  • Pet care
    If you are struggling to look after yourself, it is difficult to look after your much-loved pet as well.  Ask one of our volunteers to come and help you with your pet.
  • Visiting
    It is important to have someone visit regularly, to make sure you are okay and to give a little company.  Some of our groups offer this service, separately from the main Befriending service.
  • Advocacy service
    Advocacy is provided by experienced volunteers who know how to help you access the public services you need.
  • Singing for fun
    Cheer yourself up with a good old singalong!
  • Dementia cafes
    For people living with dementia and their carers.
  • Meals
    Meals can be delivered to help during a short-term crisis period.
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How much does it cost?

There is never any charge for our services.

You will however be invited to give a donation, if you can afford it, to cover mileage and other costs. Any donations received will be recorded by the Group and distributed amongst the volunteers according to the costs they have incurred. Any surplus is retained by the group for the benefit of all.

Next steps

Get in touch with your nearest group and speak to the Co-ordinator. He or she will be able to tell you how best they can help you.

What is Good Neighbours?

Good Neighbours are people helping people. We have a network of 125 independent local groups of volunteers, each self-governing and each offering the services that they feel are most needed in their local area.

Most of the groups are extremely busy, so if you don't hear back straight away, please be patient. And if you know of anyone who is looking for volunteering opportunities, please ask them to get in touch with us.

The Good Neighbours Hub in Portsmouth provides administrative and advisory support to those groups.