4 Reasons Why WordPress is a Great Platform for Author Websites

WordPress is my favorite platform to building author websites on, and my clients have unanimously loved it too. Maybe you’ve heard a little about WordPress but wonder why it’s so great. Here are just a few of the many reasons:



WordPress is constantly being improved

Unlike some sites like Blogger, TypePad, or LiveJournal, WordPress has a fantastic team and community that is constantly improving the platform. Whether it’s adding in new options like auto-embedded YouTube videos (just drop in the URL and WordPress adds the video at the right size!), easier ways to upload photos, or a more user friendly admin homepage, the product continues to get better and better.

As an author you can feel good knowing that your site’s platform won’t be left out to dry.



WordPress can grow with you

Some authors just need a simple site with 1-4 separate pages. WordPress works as a great platform for a site like this. Or maybe a writer needs a more complicated site with calendars, custom social media widgets, image galleries, and a large menu system.  Wordpress works great in that situation as well. WordPress has proven time and time again that it can scale from the simplest site to the most complicated and be used from the hobby-blogger to Fortune 500 companies.

That means that if you start with a small site you have plenty of room to grow later.



WordPress sites’ designs are as diverse as their owners

Have you ever been to a site and known as soon as you got there what platform the site was built on? Some platforms have very little custimization of their layout and design. Not so with WordPress. Because of the power of their base code and easy-to-create themes you can build any type of site on WordPress. Two sites built on WordPress won’t necessarily look anything alike – the design possibilities are endless.

As an author you need a site that is as unique as your writing. WordPress + Apt Design provides that.



WordPress is incredibly user-friendly

The best news about WordPress sites is that they are incredibly user-friendly. So even though the help is abundantly available when needed, you’ll probably never need it! The platform has established itself as a favorite among the tech savvy and those who are new to websites.  A huge factor for that is its ease-of-use. (To make it even easier with Apt Design you’ll get a custom tutorial on how to update and edit every part of your site!)

Get your time back as a writer! Stop spending so much time updating your site and get back to writing!


WordPress really is one of the best platforms out there. You’re going to love it’s under-the-hood power and easy-to-use content management system. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get that beautiful new author site built just for you.


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