8 Great Author Websites

Unfortunately this post was not easy to write.  Sadly many authors these days still don’t even have websites (Tom Clancy – where you at?) and those that do often have very poor ones built long ago using outdated code, tables and animated gifs (best-selling author Ken Follett has a pretty poor showing).  However, as more and more authors realize how important a presence on the web is new author sites are being built, and they’re getting better.  A great author website reflects the nature of the writer’s style, helps fans get to know the author better, provides an easy way for authors to connect to their audience, and remains easy to navigate.

If you are an author and you need a better website (one that would make this list) please contact me today.  I can help you create a custom-designed site that is easy for you to update yourself.  Let’s not let this industry wallow in 1998 any longer – its time for authors to embrace good web design!

For inspiration and to offer a bit of hope here are a few stand-out websites for authors I’ve found on the web:


Absolutely stunning site that makes great use of a minimal design approach and limited color scheme.



Peter goes big and bold.  You definitely know whose site you are at, and the navigation is well done too.



Brash and colorful, Augusten certainly has the best use of illustration of any author website I’ve seen.



Mr. Brown’s site perfectly mirrors the mystery in his books.  Navigating the site is like unlocking a great puzzle.



Clean, simple, beautiful and functional.  Not much to go wrong with here.  Nice emphasis on the books right from the start as well.



Trevor gets extra points for his use of social media and blogging.  The way these are sorted and posted down below is brilliant.



Many sites try to be too artsy and leave the user behind.  Rachael’s site pulls off the scattered design well.



Spark’s site is clean and pretty and does a great job appealing to his target audience.

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